Niels A. Schuldt

In today’s digital age, navigating the tech landscape can seem overwhelming, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the rapid advances???

Enterprises often seek impactful digital tools and innovative strategies but can be unsure of the right fit or direction. Innobu is here to guide the way.

Leading innobu is Niels A. Schuldt, a visionary with over two decades of multifaceted leadership across sectors.

  • Pioneer in developing non-invasive health sensor technology with AI.
  • Collaborated with global top-tier companies, bringing expertise and digital transformation.
  • Spearheaded fast-growing startups, culminating in three successful exits.

Innobu is more than just a solutions provider; it’s a partner for your digital journey. With a deep grasp of client needs, we specialize in crafting digital business innovations tailored for SMBs. Whether you’re in healthcare, retail, manufacturing, or sports, our aim is to ensure our solutions resonate with your unique goals.

Why choose innobu?

Our commitment goes beyond solutions. Rooted in innovation, integrity, and understanding of our partners’ aspirations, Niels’ varied interests, from groundbreaking technologies to proactive networking, mirror our holistic approach. His accolades and experiences with renowned entities affirm his dedication and skillset.

Ready to embark on a digital transformation that truly aligns with your needs?

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