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Overcoming Team Resistance to New AI Technologies

Overcoming Team Resistance to New AI Technologies

Introducing new AI technologies in any organization can often be met with significant resistance. This resistance can stem from various sources, and understanding these sources is the first step in addressing them effectively. This blog post will delve into common...

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Apple’s New AI: What You Need to Know

Apple’s New AI: What You Need to Know

Apple has finally entered the AI era, revealing its strategy at its developer conference. Unlike traditional AI, Apple calls it "Apple Intelligence." Let's explore what this means for you. Apple Intelligence Unveiled In a nutshell, Apple is integrating a chatbot and a...

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10 Most Impactful AI Trends in 2024

10 Most Impactful AI Trends in 2024

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) landscape is ever-evolving, continuously introducing innovations that enhance software capabilities and impact human activities across various sectors. As we progress through 2024, understanding the critical AI trends is essential for...

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innobu is a driver of innovation

At innobu, we operate at the nexus of digitalization and transformation, driven by a team passionate about pioneering and disruptive innovations. As a leading professional network, we harness the ideas of enthusiastic individuals and teams, propelling these concepts forward through comprehensive mentoring, extensive networking, and strategic partnerships.

We prioritize aligning these innovations with business strategies, focusing on robust implementation and effective market penetration. Our approach ensures that every project not only meets but exceeds the expectations of innovation and commercial viability.

In our pursuit of excellence, we also uphold the importance of work-life balance. We are committed to blending cutting-edge innovation and business practices with enriching experiences and progressive working methods. This balance fosters an environment where creativity and productivity thrive, benefiting our partners, clients, and the broader community.

Our foundational principle is as follows:


We introduce early prototypes to users, ensuring our developments align with their needs. This approach is pivotal for crafting solutions that resonate with future users and stand the test of time.


Feedback is our compass. We continuously refine our ideas based on user insights, ensuring our projects evolve with the needs and desires of our audience, keeping them relevant and user-centric.


Adaptation is in our DNA. We rework our concepts based on accumulated knowledge, ensuring our projects stay at the forefront of innovation, meeting the ever-changing demands of the digital world.


Our commitment to rapid implementation sets us apart. We diligently advance our projects, ensuring they make a significant impact in their respective markets with speed and precision.

We accord significant importance to the subsequent domains:


Directs our projects in a focused, straightforward manner towards their fundamental goals. We devise strategies to use resources optimally, positioning our projects on the market.


We never lose sight of our objectives, even amidst extensive planning. Our ethos is to test, rethink, change, and push, enabling us to transform our projects into successful realities.


Our innovative projects and their respective products are to be developed in a target-oriented manner for users in order to create optimal basic conditions for market positioning.

innobu is … 


New ideas, new technologies, progress, development… all these areas, but also a new attitude towards and identification with work – all this is lived by the innobu team.


innobu stands for “INNOvating BUsiness” – innovative approaches and ideas, not only for pure business models, but also for novel business concepts and working models.


We take a positive view of the digital transformation in society and in companies, use it to our advantage and shape it according to our approaches in all areas of life.


We use new working methods to create an optimal basis for an individually oriented working life. Trust and respect are fundamental values that are not only observed but actively lived at innobu.


We understand and live the importance of a balanced equilibrium between work and leisure in the form that we use the new working methods to align our time according to the respective areas optimally and to make the best use of them.


Our work experiences, and our projects are experiences, and our free time is an experienc… we want to offer and collect positive experiences in all areas.