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Revolutionizing NFT Market: Etherscan’s NFT Tracker and CodeReader

Jun 23, 2023

Experience a new era of NFT transactions with Etherscan’s innovative NFT Marketplace Tracker and CodeReader, two tools that promise to redefine the NFT landscape.

The NFT Marketplace Tracker brings unprecedented transparency and real-time data accessibility to the NFT market, often criticized for its opaqueness. Track, monitor, and comprehend NFT sales across diverse marketplaces in real-time, making informed decisions in this ever-evolving market.

Conversely, CodeReader simplifies interactions with NFTs. Enter a contract address, select a source file, and voila! Ask about a contract, and this AI-powered tool is ready with answers, ranging from the contract’s functions to token minting.

Not limited to tracking sales and prices, CodeReader opens doors to data comparison, arbitrage opportunities, portfolio management, and market analysis. However, remember that even AI has limitations – always double-check the data.

In conclusion, while powerful, Etherscan’s NFT Tracker and CodeReader require cautious handling. However, they signify a groundbreaking moment in NFT transactions, democratizing access to knowledge and simplifying how we perceive, analyze, and trade NFTs.


  1. Etherscan
  2. NFT Marketplace Tracker and CodeReader
  3. Introduction to NFTs
  4. AI Limitations

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