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Future Trends in Entertainment and Media

Future Trends Transforming Global Entertainment & Media

Jun 27, 2023

Emerging Digital Landscape

In the global entertainment and media (E&M) industry, digital growth is booming. Indeed, this is evident in advertising, where digital spending is set to surpass traditional means by 2025. Netflix and Amazon Prime lead this digital charge, significantly reshaping the landscape.

AI: The Game-changer

AI is becoming increasingly essential as we move further into the digital age. Not only is it transforming routine tasks, but it’s also spurring new ways of content creation. Notably, remarkable developments include AI-powered songwriting and AI-generated artwork. Moreover, an example of AI in advertising is Nike’s 50th-anniversary campaign. However, generative AI also raises privacy, intellectual property, and ethics issues, which need addressing.

Deal Activities

On the business front, there has been a dip in deal activity. For instance, this can be seen in Vice’s bankruptcy filing and subsequent sale. Conversely, and interestingly, Microsoft’s substantial investment in OpenAI signals AI’s vital role in future growth.

Regulatory Challenges

Simultaneously, regulation and geopolitics are also playing crucial roles. Specifically, the efforts to control digital businesses and algorithms are becoming more pronounced. In line with this, regulations like GDPR continue to impact global data privacy policies. Meanwhile, AI is presenting new regulatory challenges that need to be tackled.

The Privacy-Personalisation Balance

Balancing personalization and privacy is also a key challenge. To address this, techniques to anonymize user data are being employed. Consequently, this ensures personalized advertising while preserving user privacy.


Looking ahead, the E&M industry faces several inflection points. These include the anticipated rise of 5G and further digital growth. Therefore, innovative thinking becomes even more crucial. Future industry leaders must creatively navigate evolving consumer behavior, shifting regulations, and new technology disruptions.

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