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Augmented Reality » Apple’s Vision Pro: A Giant Leap or Just a Step in AR/VR Evolution?
Apple Pro Vision

Apple’s Vision Pro: A Giant Leap or Just a Step in AR/VR Evolution?

Jun 21, 2023

Virtual Reality (VR) technology has made significant strides over the years, with tech giants such as Apple and Meta heavily investing in its development. The progression in VR technology is often compared to climbing a mountain, with each technological advancement being a ‘foothill’ leading us towards the peak or ultimate goal of perfecting VR.

The first wave of VR in the early 1990s gave us a proof of concept and a glimpse of what could be. But, the technology of the time was not ready for consumer adoption. Fast forward to today, we’re on the path to affordable VR devices with impeccable displays. But the question remains, are we ready to embrace VR headsets daily?

The Vision, as some VR headsets are referred to, evokes mixed reactions among consumers. Some are wary of the idea of wearing something on their faces that disconnects them from the real world. However, the success of other technologies that were initially met with skepticism suggests that these VR devices might have a place in our future.

Nonetheless, VR headsets might be an interim step towards more advanced forms of virtual reality. The actual ‘Everest’ of VR could be something as compact as glasses or contact lenses projecting onto your retina. Or it could be something more integrated, like a neural connection that feeds VR directly into your brain.

While these futuristic technologies might still be a decade or more away, they represent the exciting possibilities in virtual reality’s future. And until we reach that peak, the humble piece of glass in our pocket, our smartphones, will continue to be the right device for us. The journey toward the summit of VR technology is exciting, filled with endless possibilities and potential breakthroughs. Stay tuned as we continue to chart this evolving landscape.

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