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AI » Apple’s New AI: What You Need to Know

Apple’s New AI: What You Need to Know

Jun 13, 2024

Apple has finally entered the AI era, revealing its strategy at its developer conference. Unlike traditional AI, Apple calls it “Apple Intelligence.” Let’s explore what this means for you.

Apple Intelligence Unveiled

In a nutshell, Apple is integrating a chatbot and a powerful image generator into its devices. But the real star of the show is the new and improved Siri. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Writing Tools & Chatbot: Basic, not very exciting.
  • Image Generator: Also quite essential.
  • New Smart Siri: Game-changing!

If you’re curious about the rest, check out Apple’s 5-minute YouTube breakdown.

Siri Gets a Major Upgrade

Siri is getting more intelligent and more helpful. Beyond setting reminders and timers, Siri’s understanding of language is now significantly better. The most exciting part is its ability to understand your context through a new semantic index. For instance, asking, “When does Mom’s flight land?” will prompt Siri to combine information from your contacts, messages, and web data for an accurate response.

Upcoming Features:

  1. Screen Recognition: Siri will be able to understand what’s happening on your screen and assist you accordingly, similar to OpenAI’s demos.
  2. Product Expertise: Siri will soon help with detailed device support, eliminating the need for external tech support.

Data Security Concerns

Despite the impressive capabilities, data security remains a concern. Effective AI requires extensive data access, which can be problematic. However, Apple’s closed ecosystem and proprietary chips offer some security advantages. Here’s how Apple Intelligence works:

  1. Local Processing: Simple tasks are handled on-device using AI-capable chips like the M1.
  2. Apple Private Cloud: Apple’s data centers process more complex tasks and don’t store customer data.
  3. External Services: Apple partners with services like OpenAI for the most complex tasks, ensuring data remains within the Apple ecosystem.

Apple assures that, even though it uses external services, user data will not be used to train these models.

Our Perspective

Apple Intelligence is poised to be incredibly useful. Apple will have a potent assistant if Siri’s search and understanding functions live up to the hype. However, the rollout in Germany will take time and will initially be limited to devices like the iPhone 15 Pro, newer iPads, and Macs.

We’re excited about Apple’s AI advancements, which ensure we won’t have to fully switch to Microsoft for smart assistant capabilities.


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